Friday, 9 February 2007

Funny and true; a rare combination.

This link says it all:

I admit I'm typing this from an installation of Ubuntu 6.10 ("windows fan boy linux") that's rocking beryl but really... Do you know how long I spent trying to get this to run on my dual-21" LCD's at work?? Oh- I could get dual monitor working (with fglrx, open source ati, AND binary ati drivers!) but I could never get it working with beryl (beryl with xgl... it worked with aiglx I think the name was??).
Surprisingly my xp desktop does it just fine.

Funnier still is the the fact that my p-to-v'd (I even spelled it phonetically; deal!) xp desktop image loaded faster as a vm ALONG WITH my ubuntu desktop than my xp desktop can dual booting directly into it!!

Draw your own conclusions. My statement will always be this: 'Why should we worry about hardware to run an OS?' (yeah- I just quoted myself!) The OS manages access to hardware and it should be more integrated and streamlined as time goes on- NOT more bloated and resource intensive.

Update: Newer Ubuntu versions load slower. I have Vista installed on a PC. I'm eagerly awaiting running Windows 2008 as a "workstation".
I also added the picture linked to above in case it disappears.

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