Monday, 3 December 2007

MSX - TSX SQL Server Setup Problems with SQL 2005

If you can't get your TSX server to enlist then check this out:

I was trying to setup a MSX server in my domain to admin the various (and rapidly growing) SQL 2005 deployments I manage. However, the wizard kept failing with an error message along the lines of "I can't talk to that server". Now I know damn well it can so I was determined to find the problem.
After much searching and screwing around with sp_msx_enlist I finally found the problem! It was a setting in the registry called MsxEncryptChannelOptions
It turns out that the servers were attempting to communicate over SSL but there were no certs for them. Changing the default value from 2 to 0 took care of my problems. I suggest that MS gets off their ass and fixes the TERRIBLE error message you get to actually reflect the fact that it's an SSL communication error.
More info about the setting here

P.S. If you see secure channel errors in your system log while screwing with all this you need to get your certs sorted or change the setting on each instance to 0.

I've added more information here about SSL Encryption. I can't honestly recommend that people don't use it with MSX servers as you may have info going across that connection you don't want people snooping.
See my post here.

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