Sunday, 11 January 2009

Hello Roomba my old friend...

Ah Roomba. The Roomba has made my life even easier and for that I say thank you. I won't lie; I hate doing "chores". Vacumming (seriously; how do you spell this in Canadian English??) sucks a lot. It takes time, it throws dust all over despite the HEPA filter, and it's just not a task I WANT to allocate some of my finite amount of time to.
So, flush with Christmas cash I bought a Roomba. I couldn't be happier! The Roomba (530 model) does an excellent job of cleaning my apartment (all hardword/laminate and vinyl) and it does it while I lay in bed, play games, surf the 'net, pick my nose... you get the point.
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The other reason I'm so satisfied with my Roomba is the fact that I can hack it. I've already wired up an RS232 converter from Maxim and hit Sayal for parts to breadboard that via some Cat5e cable and started writing a C# app (yeah, I've dropped VB.NET... I'm a switcher!) It's working quite well and I've already been able to program my Roomba to clean on a schedule while I'm at work; can the future get any more real?! I've got a freaking robot cleaning my place while I'm at work!! AWESOME!
Anyways, I'll likely be tossing the source code up on something web-ish when it's done, and I'll certainly be helping out my friends to hack their Roombas. Here's a video until I get more done.

I would like to conclude this note by saying: I HAVE BEEN VALIDATED!!!

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