Thursday, 23 April 2009

Time keeps on slipping...

Where do the days go? I can't help but realize just how far behind I'm getting with regards to SQL and Windows Server :(
I've barely cracked the exciting SQL 2008 features and already I'm getting excited for Kilimanjaro. I haven't even started to learn the ins and outs of Windows 2008 and I'm looking at Windows 7 and drooling.
Then there's the world of BI that I want to get into... yikes!

I'm really looking forward to getting away from the office to attend TechEd this year. I REALLY need to get out of the constant interruptions so that I can focus on learning again. It's sort of like a very geeky "me time" trip ;)
I'm a bit bummed out that Kimbery and Paul won't be presenting this year as I've always really enjoyed their sessions and break-outs. That reminds me... I just stumbled upon the blog of Mr. Dan Jones tonight which is one I'll have to start following. I attended a few of his sessions two years ago and I believe he's also the one who led a Katmai focus group I attended; that was a blast and it's really cool to see our feedback materialized in the form of SQL 2008 SSMS!

Ok... enough work for tonight; Trish's texts indicate she's missing me so I had better call in a quick hello.


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