Saturday, 9 May 2009

Review: Portable DVD Players (RCA DRC6338 & Toshiba SD-P70S)

As part of my Fish-Cam project I decided that I'd look at purchasing a portable DVD player to use as the monitor. So I went over to Wal-Mart and picked out the RCA DRC6338 8" portable DVD player because it was on sale and had an 8" screen. What a mistake! Luckily upon return of that unit I picked up the Toshiba SDP70S and was very pleased.
Here are my reviews...


Cost - $119 CAD
Features - Car charger, wall charger, built-in battery, 8" screen, audio/video inputs & outputs, remote
Review - Crap. It has a cheap feel, doesn't include the special cable you'll need for av i/o, and didn't work with my video input source at all. It also lacks the ability to output digital audio (not that I care). Even worse; you can't use the device and charge it at the same time! Really poor design.
This unit went back as soon as it failed to display my video input source.

Toshiba SD-P70S
Cost - $98 CAD
Features - Car charger, wall charger, external battery, 7" screen, a/v in & out, remote
Review - Excellent. It feels well built and the packaging is many times better than the RCA. It also INCLUDES the special a/v input cord you'll need and does do digital output. It worked right away with my video input source and I didn't even have the battery plugged in to the unit. This is great as I plan to run this 100% from a 12V battery as part of the fish-cam and I don't want to worry about battery life at all. The unit CAN charge and play at the same time.
Although it does have 1" less viewable space I'd consider this unit superior to the RCA. The fact that it includes the a/v cables makes up for the screen size IMHO.

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