Sunday, 3 May 2009

Roomba Scheduling App Released (SerialBandit)

I spent some time writing an application that will communicate with a 5XX series Roomba (I have a 530) via RS232 (COMM Port or Serial Port) from your computer. The main goal was to let me setup my Roomba to clean at specific times (cleaning schedule). You can buy a device from iRobot that will let you do this remotely, but not for my version of Roomba (or below in the 500-series).
I couldn't find any apps that worked reliably and did what I was looking for so I wrote my own.
I'll include a few pictures of the setup, but essentially it's the standard Serial Port -> MAX232 -> Roomba setup. You can get further instructions here if you need them.
The application is up on CodePlex here. You can download the compiled app on the "Downloads" tab. :)

Picture below show...
  • Quick shot of the interface
  • The Roomba serial port connector I made (A 6 pin mini DIN with the key removed, connected to Cat5e cable)
  • The Roomba plugged in to the serial adapter
  • The PC -> Roomba Converter on breadboard
  • The schematic I used. 100% Credit on the schematic goes to Tod E. Kurt

Leave comments here for support.

**UPDATE 1**
I've posted my announcement on (here)
**UPDATE 2**
Apparently 2 posts with details of this app is "spamming the boards". Oh well. :p


Tricia said...

Nice work!

Bart said...

Andrews, Very nice work. I have a Roomba 530 to, the only thing I want to do is start the cleaning cycle from my home written domotica system in C# via for example Rootooth. Is you application able to work with the bluetoot rootooth?

Andrew said...

If the rootooth shows up as a comm port in Windows then this should work perfectly.
If not, it shouldn't be too hard to modify the code to talk to the rootooth. I'm pretty sure I put all the Roomba command code in a distinct class.