Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Lenovo T61 + OCZ Solid Series 64GB SSD = No Love

I picked up an SSD on sale for $105 Saturday and I'll be returning it tomorrow. What a pile of crap.
First off the T61 doesn't even recognize the thing... BIOS update fixed that.
Then there are HUGE problems just trying to get the damn thing to seat properly in the HD bay and not throw a 2100 error. Finally solved that with some by not using the drive caddy and using the just the rubber ends, then wiggling just right until it seated in the SATA connections.
Then I find out that the T61 doesn't support SATA II.
Then I find out the SSD doesn't support AHCI.
Then I finally get all the tweaks done, mount the drive in another computer, track align @ the 4k boundary, format, get rolling with the XP install on the laptop and... NOTHING.
A blinking cursor in the upper left after the first reboot. Awesome.
Tried to fixboot, fixmbr, etc. No dice.

I'm done. The whole plan was to use this as a quick swap for use in the car (while tuning) to avoid issues with bumps and to ensure my original HD could be encrypted and thus used for work only; all personal use = SSD HD.
I suspect it's a partition issue and could be resolved but after all this I've got a sour taste in my mouth and this just isn't worth it. For a few hundred dollars more I could get a very decent NetBook and enjoy all the advantages that brings.

Oh well, nice idea but it just didn't work out... Shocking how many problems there were.

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