Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Subaru Parts

I like to shop around for parts. For quality I'll only go with OEM or a recognized aftermarket brand. When it comes to filters oil, fuel WIX is a well known company that makes an excellent product.
What some people may not know is that NAPA Gold parts are just re-badged WIX products.
Here's an example using some common filters on a 2002 Subaru WRX (the apply on most WRX's from the 90's - 2006 as well as SAABurus 05-06)
Oil Filter - NAPA Gold - 1365 (WIX# 51365)
Fuel Filter - NAPA Gold - 3558 (WIX #33558)
Cabin Air Filter - NAPA Gold - 4485 (WIX #24485)

So there you go, now you know you can pick up a quality WIX filter locally nearly anywhere in North America. :)

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